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Kyoto International Manga Museum


Karasuma-Oike agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Access:Kyoto City Subway: A 2 min walk north on Karasuma-dori St. from Exit 2 of Karasuma Oike Station, a transfer point between the Karasuma and Tozai Lines
Kyoto City Bus: Take bus 15, 51, or 65 to Karasuma Oike bus stop
Kyoto Bus: Take bus 61, 62, or 63 to Karasuma Oike bus stop


© Yvan Clédat

Opening Ceremony

Greetings by Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto and Laurent Pic, Ambassador of France to Japan. A performance called Les Baigneurs by French duo artists will be staged and special guests from Japan will show up.

© Cyril Meroni

Projection Mapping (New Screening in 2018)

MACHI-DECO International -A project to decorate the town with visual images- Film works made by both French and Japanese artists will be projected on the walls of Kyoto International Manga Museum.
Koichi Emura and Cyril Meroni will release new works.

© Benni Valsson

Live Music by Bertrand Belin

Bertland Belin (vocal and guiter), a French singer and a songwriter, Tatiana Mladenovitch (drums), Thibault Frisoni (bass) are coming to Japan for the first time. They will play slow melody with low voice combined with folk and rock sounds.


Projection Mapping (Screening the archives of 2009-2017)

Screening of a film of 2017 which was not projected last year due to rain, and of archives from 2009-2016 that highly acclaimed as encores will be scheduled.
Films by Tsukune Halumaki, Yasuhiro Omi, Akinori Ueno + Atsushi Matsumoto, Kiyotaka Yoshimitsu, and phenographics are to be screened.

© Blaue Rosen

Live Music by Anne-James Chaton 「Some songs」

Anne-James Chaton is a French acoustic poet who was an artist in residence of Villa Kujoyama in 2008. He focuses on voices we hear in the public by using texts which are familiar to us in daily life. He proposes an expression of visual sound based on Morse code.


Projection Mapping (Screening the archives of 2009- 2017)

Works projected at MACHI-DECO International between 2009 and 2017 which were highly acclaimed and are to be selected as encores.
Films by Toru Kuboki, Gonao Eto, Joji Ouchi, Akio Kamisato, and Masakatsu Takagi are to be screened.

© Benni Valsson

Live Music by Bertrand Belin

They will play new French chansons with attractive poetic texts.                                                                        

© Yvan Clédat

A performance by Clédat & Petitpierre “Les baigneurs”

Inspired by modern paintings, a duo of French creators and performers make a silent performance. The title means “sea bathers” in French. The characters holding towels and a beach ball pose as if they were enjoying their summer holidays. The performance will be staged as a surprise at venues such as Institut Français du Japon Kansai, etc.

Project Management of Projection Mapping by Raku-Raku Machibura Kai and ART COMPLEX

※Due to weather conditions, performances may be cancelled or parts of the programs may change, and events may be carried out inside of the museum. Please check the details either on the Nuit Blanche Kyoto official website or Kyoto City official website on the day of the event.
※Please keep in mind that an admission restriction may be carried out to reduce congestion.
※The program and time schedules etc. may be changed.

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