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Institut français du Japon - Kansai / Kyoto

19:30-Midnight 0:00

8 Yoshida Izumidono-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Information:Tel. 075-761-2105
Access:Keihan Railway: A 12 min walk from Demachiyanagi Station, on Main Line & Eizai Line
Kyoto City Bus: Take bus 31, 65, 201, or 206 to Kyodai Seimon-mae stop
Kyoto Bus: Take bus 18 to Higashi Ichijo stop

19:30–Midnight 00:00
In the Garden

19:30–Midnight00:00 Kyoto University of Arts and Design Monday Project “Nebuta made in Kyoto” Exhibition


20:00- 23:00
In the Garden

Tea Ceremony at White Night

A mobile tea house - Kian - constructed in Paris in late June of this year will be displayed in the garden. Built with the minimum of bamboos, the space will be considered as a tea house in the imagination of the audience. Please enjoy a tea ceremony using your five senses during this Sleepless Night.

© Agathe Poupeney
20:00–20:20 / 21:30–21:50 
At Inabata Hall, 1F

「Ici/Per.For David 」

A dance performance by the French artist and choreographer Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, choreographer and David Monceau, composer and guitarist. Accompanied by the guitar, Emmanuelle stretches out her body to blend herself into the musical movements.

© Yuichiro Noda
20:45–21:05 / 22:15–22:35
At Inabata Hall, 1F

「Blind Elephant, Earth 2018」

A performance by Yuki Kobayashi which represents an elephant, considered as sacred in Buddhism, by using a world map and pipes. In cooperation with by Dance New Air.

Kukangendai / photo by Katayama Tatsuki
At Inabata Hall, 1F

Live Music by Kukangendai

A trio by Junya Noguchi (gt.vo), Keisuke Koyano (ba), and Hideaki Yamada (dr) will play original music by using various methods such as cut-up collage, mashup, and repetition etc.

© Boris Tissot
19:30–Midnight 00:00 

Boris Tissot Exhibition

A biscuit sculptor, Boris Tissot, who was a resident of Villa Kujoyama in 1997, will exhibit his sculptures on the first floor of the French Institute. These sculptures made of flour, egg, butter and sugar celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Friendship Agreement between Paris and Kyoto.

Salon, 3F

“Perfumery Organ”

“Perfumery Organ”, the first scented instrument in the world will perform music scales in coordination with scents by releasing perfume when the organ is played. Invisible Designs Labo, specialized in sounds, Yamamoto Manufacturing, the president of the Research Center for Designing Scents, Toshifumi Yoshitake, and TASKO inc., in charge of designs and production, have collaborated in creating this organ. The organ will play for five minutes every 15 minutes.

19:30–Midnight 00:00
Room No.31, 3F

Metal Craftwork Open Call Exhibition:Ima-kara Mame-sara 2018
Prix Institut français du Japon Exhibition

Awarded works by Fumi Taniguchi “Spotlight” etc.in the open call exhibition sponsored by Seikado will be exhibited.
Period: October 5-11
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00
*Closes at 15:00 on Sundays.
*Closed on Mondays                                                                                                                                                              

© Yvan Clédat

A performance by Clédat & Petitpierre “Les baigneurs”

Inspired by modern paintings, a duo of French creators and performers make a silent performance. The title means “sea bathers” in French. The characters holding towels and a beach ball pose as as if they were enjoying their summer holidays.

Le café sera exceptionnellement fermé à 15h30 le vendredi 5 octobre 2018 et il rouvrira de 18h à 00h pour la Nuit Blanche (last order à 23h30).

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