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Former Junpu Elementary School


609-1, Kakimoto-cho, Hanayacho-agaru, Omiya-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Information: Tel. 090-9829-7029
Access: JR Railway: A 13 min walk from Tambaguchi Station
Hankyu Railway: A 17 min walk from Exit 2B of Omiya Station on Kyoto Line
Kyoto City Subway: A 16 min walk from Exit 4 of Gojo Station on the Karasuma Line
Kyoto City Bus: A 1 min walk from the Shimabara-guchi bus stop from bus lines 6, 18, 58, 71, 206, 207
West Japan Railway Bus: A 4 min walk from the Gojo Omiya bus stop on the Takao/Kyoto Line
Kyoto Bus & Keihan Bus: A 5 min walk from Omiya Gojo bus stop from Kyoto Bus lines 81,84, 85, 86 & Keihan Bus line 82


Exhibition: Mitate and Imagination – Homage to Rikyu and Duchamp

2017 is the 100-year anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade work Fountain. Duchamp took a ready-made men’s urinal and added a title submitting using a false name to a public art exhibition causing an intentional scandal. The result of which upturned the concept of what is art, thus creating contemporary art. The meaning and message given to the readymade series has been adopted by many artists.

350 years before Fountain, embracing the same sorts of concepts was the man who is said to have perfected Cha no yu, Sen no Rikyu. Using baskets for fish and gourds as flower containers, well buckets as fresh water containers, Rikyu used employed a method of mitate or found objects, very similar to readymades. The arrangements of this tea room are taken from various designs, capturing the forefront in an installation of today.

Duchamp commented that traditional painting was ‘retinal art that stopped at the eye,’ for him works should not be pleasing to the eye, but must make an intelligent and imaginative appeal. On the other side, there is a famous story about Rikyu hosting a morning glory tea gathering. Hearing about stories about the beauty of the morning glories blooming at Rikyu’s residence, Toyotomi Hideyoshi paid Rikyu a visit, but found that there were no more flowers left in the garden. When Hideyoshi entered the tea room he found it was decorated with one solitary bloom and that Rikyu had the rest of the flowers picked before his arrival. Also, at another chakai, Rikyu presented a vase without a flower in order to let his guests imagine flowers in their mind.

A group exhibition of contemporary art by six Japanese and two French artists set in a recently closed elementary school that had a history of nearly 150 years. Paying respect for the "father of tea ceremony" and the “father of contemporary art", they will create and display installations to stimulate your imagination.
Participating Artists: Yukio Fujimoto, Cécile Andrieu, Aiko Miyanaga, Lyota Yagi, Satoshi Someya, Justine EMARD (Sound Design: Marihiko Hara), Kazuto Imura, Kazumichi Komatsu Planing: Tetsuya Ozaki

Exhibition Period: 10/6–10/22 (12:00–19:00)*
*Until 22:00 on 10/6 (Fri)

Fragrance Performance from Traditional Incense Company Shoyeido
Venues*: Institut Français Kansai, Kyoto Art Center, Former Junpu Elementary School

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