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19: 00-20:30(Open18:30)

NY build. BF1 54-2 Okazakitennoujicyo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Information:Tel. 075-741-8576

19: 00-20:30

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Theme of the concert « Celebration »
“Homage to 160 years of Franco-Japanese cultural exchange and Homage to 60 years of Paris and Kyoto twinning “
Harmonizing dialog of antipodes : japanese and french culture
For this Nuit Blanche 2018 Kaneko Fumiko proposes a lecture-concert celebrating the notion of bond. The bond that humans weave beyond time and space between cultures and generations. Music and poetry interbreed their chords to convey what binds humanity. Kyoto, capital city of serenity and tradition, keeps on welcoming contemporary artists who come and draw from the source of the greatest aesthetical quality.

Music will be played first of all by Gérard Poulet (violin) 80 years old in 2018 ; he is a rare example of a violinist who does not reduce his activity. Many concerts in France and Japan will celebrate his career this year. « Gérard Poulet, un homme, une vie », a book about his life was published in march.He never ceased to personify French music for Japanese audiences from Tokyo to Kyoto since the creation of Kyoto Académie.
In this year of remembrance, he will play contemporary pieces of 3 French composers with his Japanese friends musiciens and dialog with one of his dearest friends, Fumiko Kaneko.
Those pieces are among the very rare ones for violin, alto saxophone and piano.

Gérard Poulet : Violin
Yori Kawashima : Piano
Takenobu Nohara : Saxophone
Midori Nohara : Piano
Fumiko Kaneko : Reading & produce

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