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St. Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church


22 Kitashirakawa Nishitsuta-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Information: Tel. 075-724-6623 090-5343-0430
Access: Keihan Railway: A 15 min walk from Demachiyanagi Station on the Eizai & Main Lines
Kyoto City Bus: A 1 min walk from the Kitagawa Oguracho bus stop from bus 3; A 10 min walk east on Mikage-dori St. from the Asukaicho bus stop from bus lines 206, 31, 65; A 4 min walk west on Mikage-dori from the Kitashirakawa Bettocho bus stop from bus lines 204 & 205


Performances: Homage for 100 years: Creation of a Sonata for Violin and Piano/ Hommage à Cl. Debussy par Gérard Poule/ Hommage à M. Ooka- Recite en japonais et français

This evening includes a special 100th anniversary concert in Kyoto by Gérard Poulet in honor of his father Gaston Poulet’s work with Claude Debussy and also debuts new works. Also, there will be a poetry recital in Makoto Ooka.

Before learning of his death last April, Fumiko Kaneko wished to feature her master and friend Ooka Makoto’s work and the work of Shuntarô Tanikawa, their common friend. So this night will also be a way to pay homage to this great poet and to keep him alive.
Music performed, among others, by Gérard Poulet (violin), Yori Kawashima (piano), and Yuki Tuboi (flute), was composed especially for this Nuit Blanche, in homage to Makoto Ooka, by Kageyuki Ichikawa, who is fascinated by French culture. Kageyuki has composed Oratorio de l’Annonciation for the church Notre-Dame des Blancs Manteaux (Paris), l’Âme des insectes (The Soul of insects) from the translation in French of some Issa’s haikus and the French harmonization of Japanese melodies.
This performance is a beautiful occasion to celebrate with music and poetry the bonds that so many artists continue to weave between France and Japan over the centuries.
Gérard Poulet recalls the creation in 1917 by his father, Gaston Poulet (violin), and Claude Debussy (piano) of the 3rd Debussy’s sonata. One century later, looking at the tradition of contemporary creation which also still perpetuates in this city of generosity and exigency.
Raphaël Loison, poet and actor, follows the steps of Georges Bigot, a French painter and engraver, who lived in Japon from 1882 to 1899. He will read, alongside Kaneko Fumiko, Ooka’s and Tanikawa’s and poems by Verlaine, Baudelaire and Mallarmé.
Fumiko Kaneko, architect-designer and artist, since her youth she has been linked to Japan and France. In Kyoto, she hosts regularly, in the spaces that she realizes, events that join music and poetry made by people in Japan, France and all over the world.
Performances: Gérard Poulet (violin), Yori Kawashima(piano), Kageyuki Ichikawa: Compositor (piano), Yuki Tuboi (flute), Fumiko Kaneko(recit),
Raphael Loison (recit)
Planning: Fumiko Kaneko

In Cooperation with: Foundation Franco-Japanese Sasakawa, Horiba, Ltd.

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