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9/30 9: 00-21: 00

10/1-10/28 9:00-21:00

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In this exhibition, we will present a new series of digital sculptures composed of three different media: print, AR, and video.Through prints and AR, it is possible to experience a digital sculpture that does not actually exist, and in the video work, the figurative torso melts and disappears through a series of changes in its form, and the process of transformation. Explore the concept of 'Absences'.
We will also be selling AR prints at the venue, and by reading them in a different space, we will use AR to question the relationship between space and the human body.

Luigi Honorat

Luigi Honora is a visual artist based in Tokyo.He studied sculpture at Musashino Art University and is currently a lecturer there.He strives to improve his art using objects and CGI as media, and uses computer graphics to explore new sculptural forms, movements, and processes.His work seeks a balance between the slow pace and proximity of physical sculpture and the extremely fast pace of digital sculpture and rendering.Through his art, he continues to explore the meanings of "reality and virtuality," "material and data," and "beauty and a certain kind of uncanny."