Akito Okunaka “INTER-WORLD/SPHERE: Cocooner”

▶Public production session
Kansai Institute of Japanese and French Studies (Inabata Hall) Participation is free.

▶Exhibition + Trial session
9/28 (10:00-17:00)
9/29 (10:00-17:00)

9/30 (10:00-22:00) ※「16:00開始」から「10:00開始」に時間が変更されました(09.26)

10/1 (10:00-16:00)

An exhibition and experience session of art works of air, water, and light.Touching the power of the atmosphere, you will float above the water and be surrounded by polar light.

"In this world, there are strong and weak forces. It's also about the interaction between elementary particles, and it's also about physical strength, power, and ability. The latter may indicate superiority or inferiority in a narrow sense. However, in a broad sense, I believe that both are important and indispensable factors that shape our world.

My works are created by combining the power of various people through a co-creation open atelier, regardless of age, nationality, gender, disability, children, etc.The completed work stands on its own through the forces of air, water, and light, and is influenced by the forces of the surrounding environment, such as wind, weather, sunlight conditions, and when touched by other viewers. This effect is transmitted throughout the work, and the colors and shapes are constantly changing.Its shape resembles a cocoon, and it looks like it is putting effort into emerging.Or like the bubbles of a circular world, like the flux of all kinds of power itself.

Art is found in various interactions such as making, touching, entering, riding, and lying down.Please participate in this work. ”


Akito Okunaka

After working as an art play instructor at art museums and social welfare facilities, he became an artist.He has studied as a special researcher in France, South Korea, and China, and presents large-scale experiential works and workshops both domestically and internationally. In 2023, she will receive the Akiko Kitamura Award and Yoko Terauchi Award at the Art Award IN THE CUBE.