Kawagi Hotel New Project "ARTIST'S STORAGE BAR" Pre-Event

9/30 16: 00-21: 00

Underground art exhibition (open only to hotel guests except 9/30)

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Kawagishi Hotel is an art hotel located 1 station + 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Station, where young artists stay and work.
A pre-event for the community "ARTIST'S STORAGE BAR" that anyone can participate in will be held on September 9th.

"ARTIST'S STORAGE BAR" is a project to archive and create a database of the works of young artists active around Kyoto that are hidden in their studios and homes.

Young artists present new works at exhibitions and awards, but even if they are attractive works, not all of them will sell immediately, and until they meet someone who appreciates their work and wants to own it, the artist will not be able to sell it right away. It is generally kept at the studio or home of the person.

Therefore, we will open a members-only bar every Saturday and use the sales to create a database of works hidden in artists' studios and homes.
Members can enjoy viewing a monthly updated database of artworks on the monitors installed in the BAR, and interacting with other members and the day's guest bartenders (artists and curators).

You can participate in the pre-event on September 9th even if you are not interested in becoming a member.
Even beginners in art are welcome.We also have many non-alcoholic cocktails available, so please feel free to drop by.