Closing performance “Floe”

10/28 4回公演:10:00、11:30、15:00、16:00 (各回30分)
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★NBK Sélection

*In case of rain: Held in the foyer of South Hall

In XNUMX, Jean-Baptiste André presented a performance called ``FLOE,'' in which he performed on the artwork of sculptor Vincent Lamoureux.
This work, which is intended to be performed outdoors, encounters landscapes and people, and is led further toward the horizon.
Purely, without any pretense, ``Froe'' confronts the body with space.

Once again, a man confronts things that protrude from the horizon.
For peace of mind, he has no choice but to cross.

Exploration of this unknown land depicts a single movement.
A man appears and disappears in the unevenness of the sculpture.

The finely honed movements are like poetry, and time stands still.
The audience takes risks along with the man and tries to surpass himself.

Jean-Baptiste dreamed of taking Floet beyond Europe.
With our attachment to Japan, the connections we have made over the years, and our desire to collaborate, in collaboration with Setouchi Circus Factory, we finally passed on the choreography to a Japanese acrobatic artist and created this work in Japan. I had a chance to bloom.

Starring: Jean-Baptiste Andre, Kojiro Meguro

Co-produced by: Setouchi Circus Factory
Cooperation: Yamaichi Mokuzai Co., Ltd./Marugame City


======ROHM Theater Kyoto Event Introduction======

The legendary theater troupe "Taiyo Theater Company" led by Kyoto Prize winning artist Ariane Mnouchkine will be coming to Japan for the second time in 22 years and performing in Kansai for the first time!
Now celebrating its 59th anniversary, France's Theater of the Sun is one of the world's most legendary theater companies, continuing to produce internationally acclaimed masterpieces on challenging stages that expand the possibilities of theater.
The title of this work is ``L'ILE D'OR Kanemu-jima'', which pays homage to the Japanese culture that Mnouchkine loves so much.Set on a fictional island that appears to be Japan, the story uses a theatrical style to portray plots and power struggles, the reality and reality surrounding a theater festival, and the human experiences of love and sadness.

Saturday, November 2023, 11 - Sunday, November 4, 11 Starts at 5:14 on both days
Venue: ROHM Theater Kyoto Main Hall
Organizer: ROHM Theater Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kyoto City
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Jean-Baptiste André, Kojiro Meguro

Jean-Baptiste André
Jean-Baptiste André studies circus at the CNAC in Chalons-en-Champagne (France).His specialty there was handstands and acting techniques. He graduated in XNUMX and founded Association W to further promote his own projects.
While crossing disciplines, he continues to develop art collaborations and appears in the works of numerous choreographers and directors.

Kojiro Meguro
Born in 1996, graduated from Sawairi International Circus School.A circus actor who creates a unique world view using objects and iron pipes that he has created himself.He has appeared in numerous contemporary circus performances in Japan, including Nagame Kurashitsu and Setouchi Circus Factory. He won the "Fukuyama International Street Performance Grand Prix 2021" and received special awards from Germany and the UK.

Setouchi Circus Factory
A company/production company that aims to develop modern circus culture.Shocked by France's ``cultural decentralization policy,'' they began their activities in Kagawa Prefecture in 2011 in an effort to disrupt Japan's overconcentration in the metropolitan area.We aim to disseminate unique culture from the region. In 2017, he was accepted as the first Asian member of the European contemporary circus network Circostrada.