Hanako Murakami “Imaginary Landscapes”



9/30 18: 00-21: 00

10/1-10/28 9:00-17:00 *Separate admission fee required

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★NBK Sélection

After a XNUMX-year slumber, what appears on the developed photographic paper without ever being exposed to light is a mountainous landscape that I once saw, or a crack in a large rock that is not supposed to move, or glass that appears in places that may or may not be visible. ``Signs of nature itself'' that emerge on the board—you can enjoy the harmony between the work born from research in the early days of photography and the masterpiece of modern Japanese gardens.

Doors open in 9 parts only on 30/3 ①18:00-19:00 ②19:00-20:00 ③20:00-21:00(Reception starts 15 minutes before each time)

Free admission/30 people each time(Murinan WEB(Reservation priority, first come first served) *Separate admission fee required except 9/30

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Hanako Murakami