- Aerial Swimming - Tsugumi Fujita (painting) and Yuka Nishiku Matsu (ceramics) exhibition

(Left) Tsugumi Fujita “Machiawase” (Right) Yuka Nishihisa “Spirit beside” ©Takeru Koroda
9/30 12: 00-18: 00
18:00-20:00 Talk & Party

9/26-10/1 12:00-19:00 ※9/30は除く※10/1は17:00まで

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The floating image rides the wind, flows through the water, and sleeps in the soil.Their appearance may be temporary, but they are formed through the eyes of the artist.Or they slip into things that are made and live there.Sometimes it takes possession of a single painting, and sometimes it finds its home in a sculpture.

In this two-person exhibition, pottery artist Yuka Nishihisa and painter Tsugumi Fujita highlight common elements such as Yorishiro, Yuge, and Mitama, and express what can be seen in their respective fields. Exploring the connections between things that cannot be seen.

I once saw a broadcast on a psychic program or something that said that a spirit was dwelling inside a painting. (Omitted) In the first place, the act of painting itself may be creating a place for abstract concepts and amorphous images to acquire some kind of form and take up residence.

Tsugumi Fujita

I think that the pandemic has sparked an increased interest in the idea of ​​looking at things that have been considered ``invisible'' or ``hard to see'' in search of salvation and refuge.
It seems that clay figurines are thought to be embodiments of the spirits imagined by the Jomon people.
In an age when civilization lacked the conveniences of civilization, ancient people may have been more sensitive to and felt closer to such beings.
I believe that the lives, culture, and spirituality of the people living in that era are hidden in the expressions of the mental images of non-visual beings.
The ``something'' that dwells within the shape that is born in your hands becomes a yorishiro, and a clear shape appears before your eyes.

Yuka Nishihisa

Tsugumi Fujita, Yuka Nishihisa

FUJITA Tsugumi

1986 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture
2014 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting
2016 Study Abroad at Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris
2018 Completed the XNUMXth Laboratory, Department of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2020 Full-time lecturer, Department of Arts and Crafts, Kyoto University of Arts

Exhibition history, etc. (since 2015)
2015 “Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition” Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo
Kamiyama Foundation Scholar
2016 Hiroshima Scholarship Study Abroad Scholarship
2017 Selected for “2074, Dream World” Tokyo University of the Arts Museum/Tokyo
"Parallel" Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Maison du japon/Paris (France)
2018 “Kamiyama Foundation Art Support Program Exhibition” Fei Art Museum Yokohama / Kanagawa
Selected for “IAG AWARDS 2018” Tokyo Metropolitan Theater/Tokyo
“Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School Completion Works Exhibition” Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo
2021 “SPACE MEDITATION” Namiki Gallery/Tokyo
“Short Pieces Exhibition” Gallery Hillgate/Kyoto
2022 “SPACE MEDITATION-02” Gallery Hillgate/Kyoto
biscuit gallery first anniversary exhibition “grid” biscuit gallery / Tokyo
"Tokyo Teleport '86 Unfinished City Plan" Namiki Gallery/Tokyo
"A4 WALL MATSUYA GINZA" Matsuya Ginza/Tokyo
Minamisanriku 311 Memorial/Miyagi Works Collection/Miyagi
"ROD at Hotel Emion Kyoto" Hotel Emion Kyoto/Kyoto
2023 “A4 Gallery Taipei first anniversary exhibition” A4 Gallery Taipei/Taiwan
"ROD vol.1" ROD GALLERY/Tokyo
"Tokyo Teleport '86 Kyoko's Precognitive Ability" ROD GALLERY/Tokyo



1992 Born in Kyoto Prefecture
2011 Graduated from Kyoto City Dota Art and Crafts High School, majoring in Japanese painting
2016 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Crafts, Department of Ceramics
2018 Completed Master's Course, Department of Crafts, Ceramics, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts
Solo exhibition
2016 Scarlet Decoration (Gallery Hillgate/Kyoto) (2017,2019,2020,2021)
2018 Prayer Decoration (Gallery Kefu/Kyoto)
2022 Metamorphosis (Shibatamachi Gallery/Osaka)
Tomoka Nishihisa Exhibition (The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike/Kyoto)
Group exhibition
■ 2016
Yuka Nishihisa and Iyona Yamamoto two-person exhibition “Steam” (Gallery en faire Keibunsha Ichijoji store/Kyoto)
Rinpa 400th Anniversary Exhibition of New Artists - Rinpa FOREVER - (Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
ART OSAKA2016 “Awakening with Art vol.4” (Hotel Granvia Osaka/Osaka)
Women's Exhibition (Gallery Sugino/Tokyo)
Shibuya Style vol.10 (Seibu Shibuya/Tokyo) (2017,2018)
■ 2017
Kyoto Art for Tomorrow-Kyoto Prefecture New Artists Selection Exhibition 2017 (Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto) (2018,2023)
Kyo Exhibition 2016 (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art/Kyoto)
“Soaring high in the autumn sky” (art space Morgenrot/Tokyo)
■ 2018
KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa(KUMU KANAZAWA THE SHARE HOTELS/Ishikawa)(2019,2021,2022)
■ 2019
Yoshio Nishikumatsu, Aya, and Tomoka Exhibition - The form of the earth, the blessings of water, and the power of soil - (Chushin Museum of Art/Kyoto)
Exhibition of five emerging artists (Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
■ 2020
Kyoto Gei transmit program 2020 (Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA/Kyoto)
Imi Tameyo Exhibition ~ Door to Tomorrow II ~ (Kyoto Takashimaya/Kyoto)
■ 2021
Kameoka Fog Art Festival “Mist Art Museum - Practice for continuing to draw lines” (Kameoka City Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
International Crafts Award Toyama 2020 (Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art/Toyama)
NATIVITY(Shina Ginza/Tokyo)
■ 2022
Kameoka Fog Art Festival “Fog Art Museum” (Oomoto Honbu Shunyokaku/Kyoto)
Okayama Prefecture Emerging Artist Development “Mr. I Award” Selected Works Exhibition (Okayama Prefecture Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza/Okayama)
Kobe Art Marche 2022 (Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel/Hyogo)
CERAMIX (Seibu Shibuya/Tokyo)
Kameoka Fog Art Festival “Castle Ruins Art Exhibition” (Oomoto Honbu Miroku Hall/Kyoto)
D-art, ART2022 (Daimaru Kobe store, Daimaru Kyoto store/Kyoto, Hyogo) (2023)
Yuka Nishihisa Exhibition (The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike/Kyoto)
Hikari Koyama and Yuka Nishikumatsu, two-person exhibition “Things that stay, things that don’t stay” (Shingon sect Omuro school head temple Ninnaji/Kyoto)
■ 2023
Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival (Grand Front Osaka/Osaka)
Quatre objects(Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store/Tokyo)
Premonition of Beauty 2023 - Raw Color - (Takashimaya/Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka)
My pottery has no future or story (Kyoto Pulse Plaza Large Exhibition Hall Yume Kobo Booth/Kyoto)
“Smash Hits 04” from ONBEAT(AFRODE CLINIC/Tokyo)
Signs of circulation (Marco gallery/Osaka)
Slow Culture #kogei (Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA/Kyoto)

2014 Lisa Larson Exhibition Related Projects
Selected for “Ceramic Forest Design Competition: Animal Interiors Made of Ceramics” Exhibition
2015 Selected for Yokkaichi Banko Ceramics Competition 2015
2016 Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition Mayor's Award
2016 Kyoto Kachokan Award Scholarship Excellence Award
2017 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow - Kyoto Prefecture New Selection Exhibition 2017 NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station Award
2017 Kyoto Bank Art Support System 2017 Purchased Works Selection
2017 Kyoto Kachokan Award Scholarship Excellence Award
2018 Kyoto Kachokan Award Scholarship Grand Prize
2023 ART & CITY AWARD presents Sierra Tower Nakanoshima Grand Prix
Main collection
Kyoto Bank/Onjoji Temple/Chushin Art Museum