“Boundary / Le seuil”

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9/30 9: 00-21: 00

10/1-10/9 9:00-18:00

When Margo Gashi first visited Japan in 2017, she found that opposing concepts of culture were paradoxically connected.The space between them takes on a special meaning and shape.For example, distinctions are made between indoors and outdoors, public and private, sacred and secular, noren, barrier stones, and shimenawa.
She was interested in this concept and named this project ``Boundary''.Every time she thought about these two characters, ``boundary'' and ``kai'', she came to think, ``Can ``boundary'' itself become a world?''This question led her to something called "ma."
And so began a creative exploration of the boundaries between light and shadow, sight and sound, fullness and emptiness, art and craft, writing and painting.
This time, she will create a photo installation and a sound installation together with two artists, which will be held at the Kyoto townhouse ``The Terminal Kyoto''.

Artist: Margo Gassi, collaboration with Fu Ueda and Age John Infante Mitsuta Curated by Aurélie Carre - Zen House Gallery

Margo Gashi

Margot Gassi is a French visual artist born in 2016.After graduating from an art school in Nantes in western France in 2018, she has participated in many art events. She received the Impression de mai award (2022) and the CIPGP research fellowship (2020).She further received funding from the French government's DRAC institution where she develops art projects (2022).She also participated in her art residency at the Pavilion organized by Ange Leccia, and last summer she was invited to a solo exhibition at Galerie Le Revelateur at the Palais Royal in Paris. From October XNUMX, she will live in Japan and begin her research into Japanese culture in order to advance her latest project, ``Kyoukai'' (tentative title), which examines the concept of ``ma'' in Japanese society. Ta.Through her fiction, Margo Gassi questions the concept of traces as temporal and spatial traces, the remains of artistic, scientific, or supernatural phenomena.In her approach, illusions or parallel dimensions meet in different spaces and times in the world of images she develops.Desolate landscapes and crowded megalopolises are therefore sites of exploration that allow her to question individual and collective memory, past or future, fiction or science fiction. Currently, she is a scientist, artist, The work is produced with the support of national partners and collaborators, as well as research institutions.In her work, she questions the role of fiction in the evolution of documentary and art forms by exploring the concepts of exploration, observation, virtual travel, and real travel.Margo Gassi says, ``To observe our virtual and imaginary worlds is to first understand the world in which we are.''

Fu Ueda

Calligrapher. Born in 1974.He learned calligraphy from his girlfriend's mother from an early age.She graduated from Shikoku University calligraphy course.After studying abroad at Hangzhou University in China, he worked in Toronto, Canada. In 2002 he moved to Kyoto. In 2005, he was selected as an emerging artist by the Kyoto City Art Association.Since then, he has participated in Art Sydney, Korea International Art Fair, Kizugawa Art, Water Tower Art Fest2014 (Bulgaria), AKIN (Wales/UK), TheARE Thé Festival2018 (Paris, Milan), Art Fair Tokyo, etc.He was selected for SAVOIR-FAIRE DES TAKUMI, an artist collaboration project between Kyoto and Paris, in 2019 and 2021. 2019 Musee Hebert “Esprit Japon” Musee Hebert (Grenoble).He has held solo exhibitions at Hakusamuraso Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial Museum, Chion-in Temple, Kanazawa Civic Art Studio, etc.He performed at Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2019 with contemporary dancer Benjamin Karim Bertrand.He is also responsible for the titles of the picture book "Ryutantan" by Kyoka Izumi and Manabu Nakagawa, and "Birds turned into picture books", which won the 2014 Asian Design Award. Client work with NMB48, Otzen Tofuten, Kanosho Juan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nishijin Ori Asagi Museum, Hiragiya Ryokan, Maeda Coffee, etc.He is also involved in cutting-edge video production, including videos for the 2017nd Festival of the Ages, promotional videos for East Asia Culture City Kyoto XNUMX, and calligraphy performances using VR.Part-time lecturer at Shikoku University Department of Calligraphy and Culture, Osaka Electro-Communication University.

Age John Infante Mitsutta

Age John Infante Mitsutta, born in the Philippines and raised in the international community of Japan, is a musician and sound artist who creates music that creates images and spaces.Agee's musical journey began with drums and percussion.Born into a Filipino and Japanese family, he was greatly influenced by his mother's favorite music tapes, the gentle sounds of the Philippine countryside, and the hustle and bustle of the city, almost the noise of Tokyo.For him, sounds that might be overlooked as environmental sounds, such as the murmur of a crowd, the chirping of birds, or the sound of rain, become symphonies and sonatas for him.His compositions are like buildings that house emotions, and the sounds reflect the natural world.Eiji describes himself as a sonic explorer.

Zen House Gallery, located in the heart of Kyoto, is a unique and new experimental exchange space dedicated to sharing through art. Zen House aims to foster a community of artists and art lovers by introducing artists from Japan and abroad, from newcomers to veterans, sharing various ideas and supporting each other's lives. House's goal.

Aurélie Carre is a gallery owner, curator, and exhibition producer based in Kyoto.He settled in Japan in 20 after spending 2015 years in Asia, particularly mainland China and Hong Kong.She loves art and her passion for Asian and Japanese culture led her to found ZEN HOUSE.