Performance “Métamorphoses” by Cécile Laroy

9/30 17: 50-20: 00

(Multiple performances performed)

Type : 

★NBK Sélection

"Métamorphoses" is an artistic study of living things with varied forms: short and long, ephemeral and persistent, active and stationary.
Since 2021, dancer and choreographer Cecile Laroy has been engaged in a poetic dialogue with nature, working with Japanese and French artists, communities, and residents.
She creates various forms of choreography that evolve over time and respond to each other.
This work includes four solo "Exercises de style 4.", a photo exhibition, and several videos.
The solos are inspired by novelist Raymond Queneau's work ``Excercices de style'' and are developed from one and the same scenario.
They constitute a vocabulary of transformation and form the basis of this site-specific performance.
While ``Métamorphoses'' questions the power of nature, it also raises questions about our fragility.

Cooperation: Kyoto University Seibu Auditorium


Cécile LALOY Dancer and choreographer of Company ALS. Since 2003, she has been working on a variety of art projects, including performances, short films, and performances in various locations.She constantly develops research that connects burlesque style and poetic language.She creates dramatized shows using elements such as dance, music, lighting, and costumes.

Joan VERCOUTERE In 2012, she graduated from the Lyon National Supérieure of Music and Dance and was a member of the Compagnie Didier Theron for six years.She has appeared in several works by Cécile Laroy (DUO, IE [famille], Exercise de style #6), as well as choreographers Nance Martin, Lionel Beguet, and collectives such as le collectif AR and le collectif ES. We are collaborating.

Florence GIRARDON Performer, dancer and choreographer of the company Zélid (founded in 1994). At Zélid, he has created approximately 2012 works, including "Façades" in 20.He also regularly collaborates with directors in various capacities (advisor, bodywork with actors, co-writing).He appeared in ``Exercice de style #3'' with Company ALS and has been involved as an advisor on several works by Cecile Laroy.

Johanna MOALIGOU Works on choreography and performance techniques, especially in the field of lighting, from creation to performance, research to trials.He has been collaborating with Company ALS for many years, first as a dancer and performer, then as a lighting creator and art collaborator.

Meri OTOSHI Graduated from the Showa Academy of Music and Arts Ballet Department after studying classical, modern, and folk dance.She dances street jazz at clubs, events, commercials, show clubs, etc. in Tokyo.She has performed together with various dancers in Kyoto and Osaka. Since 2005 she has been participating in choreographer Vincent Manseau's works, which she has performed in South Africa, France, England, Germany, the United States and Canada.

Kayako TAKAHASHI Studied stage costume and design in Edinburgh and Prague. From 2016 to 2019, she was in charge of costumes at the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center.She currently works on costumes under Midori Hagino.