The sounds you see, the colors you hear



9/30 15: 00-21: 00

10/1-10/8 15:00-19:00

Imagine for a moment that the architecture of the future will be able to form shapes in space that respond or correspond to our me, my group's me, my family's me, through sound and light.Communication with Spirit can be seen through sound and light.the ground, walls, and ceiling of a building.Perhaps the sound exists lightly in the background, or perhaps such a sound is not audible to our ears, but is audible to our souls.
There is no doubt that we shape our buildings and that our buildings shape us.therefore,

How does sound take shape?
How does shape become movement?
How does movement become a place of refuge?
How does a shelter become spiritual?

Architecture for the future, for the human body, soul, and spirit.For the future evolution of humanity's light body.Tone carries spirit, and within that spirit there is form and color.
Through sound and silence, form and light seem to invade and push into realms that have not yet entered into current thought or form into the current era.