Performance “Smothering World” Noriko Sunayama

9/30 10: 00-20: 00

10/1 10: 00-18: 00

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Performance artist Noriko Sunayama's ``The World of Choking'' allows visitors to crawl into the giant crimson skirts worn by the artist and the contestants.The wearer of the dress finds herself vulnerable in a public space where an unspecified number of people come and go.Through the act of peeking into the intimate private space that extends beneath the skirt, this is a live installation that anticipates the kind of communication that can occur between the visitor and the artist, or between the visitor. "The Choking World" was first produced and exhibited at Art Tower Mito's "John Cage's Laurie Holly Over Circus" exhibition in 1995, and toured France the following year in 1996, and has since toured all over the world. Masu.Although the film has been running for nearly 2006 years, its concept remains unsettlingly modern, questioning the norms of femininity and what drives violence.Yokohama Museum of Art (2007), ART SONJE (Seoul, Korea) (2009), Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Canada (2011), Yokohama nitehi works (2018), Center Pompidou Metz (XNUMX), etc.

Sponsor: MUZ ART PRODUCE Co-sponsor: Kansai Institute of Japanese Studies Cooperation: Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto Special cooperation: Shudo Junior High School, Shudo High School
Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Challenge Subsidy Project

Noriko Sunayama

Dancer, performance artist 80s Danced as part of the contemporary dance group ``Mika Kurosawa & Dancers.''She co-produced and appeared in all performance works from 90 to 2020 as a member of the artist collective Dumb Type.At the same time, she formed solo and unit [THE OK GIRLS] and is active across genres.In recent years, she has started a unit called un:ten+ with clothing designer Junko Ito, which combines fashion shows and performance art aimed at women's empowerment. She performs at cabaret events and has many sessions with musicians under the name SNATCH / SNACKY!.She is in charge of dancers and chorus in the band THE TETORAPOTZ, which is made up of artists, and in the cabaret band of SAX player Kazutoki Umezu.She uses the sense of discomfort as a trigger to approach stage productions with humor, sometimes cynically and provocatively.Her performances have visited over XNUMX countries.