Projection car “Electric Energy Activity Center” Thumb Princess (Yuta Niwa + Takanori Shimodera) Various locations in Kyoto City (touring)

9/30 16:45-22:00 Touring various locations in Kyoto City
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★NBK Sélection

When "something black" writhes through the streets of Kyoto, the ordinary daily life becomes extraordinary. ``Something black'' is projected on the ``Denki Yakushoza,'' a projection vehicle inspired by movie projectors and artillery turrets.It moves freely through the streets of Kyoto, transforming every place into a theater. *Repeat screening of approximately 1 minute piece (approximately 10 minutes)

9/30 Patrol route (planned)


[Notice of change]
*After passing Kyoto City Arts and Crafts High School, we decided to go north on the right bank (closer to Higashiyama) of the Kamogawa River, rather than the left bank (closer to Kawaramachi), to the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.Please refer to the image below.

*If it rains on September 9th, the patrol will be postponed to October 30th.In that case, on September 9th, the projection will be held only at Kansai-French Studies Institute, and on October 30th, the tour will go south from Kansai-Japanese Studies Institute, ending at Tadashi Kawamata's Yume Uki Bridge (south side of Shichijo Bridge) (Kyoto (There is no projection at the station).

Starting point at Kyoto Station (enlarged) ↓


10 / 1-10 / 28
Installed at the Kansai Institute of Japanese and French Studies

Electroactive locus PV:

Thumb Princess (Yuta Niwa + Takanori Shimodera)

An art unit consisting of Yuta Niwa, who paints Japanese paintings as a work that connects the past and the present, and Takanori Shimodera, who researches the streets that are created when people gather and creates spaces. Winner of the 2021 Midtown Award Grand Prix.Main exhibitions include the 2021 Midtown Award, Street Museum, and the Nakarisuba of Japanese Painting: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.