GNA GNA GNA (Live in Kyoto)

©Pauline Brun
9/30 16: 00-17: 10
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“Nya Nya Nya (Live in Kyoto)” by Pauline Blanc (2023 Villa Kujoyama Resident) is a Scruffy performance show.
The character, whose face is covered in thick, dark brown hair, awkwardly plays with concert stereotypes over a minimal pop beat. "Scruffy" means shabby, strange, dirty, untidy.During the song, he does an awkward dance and loses himself in the song's line, "Nya, nya, nya."This onomatopoeia, which seems to be a criticism of boring words, becomes his word here.Although he is clumsy, slow, and careless, he seems to have a will.It seems as if he belongs to some other reality.The image he tries to create is always in flux.
This work, which premiered in 2018 and will be performed again at the opening of Nuit Blanche KYOTO, was conceived from the idea of ​​``rare tools.''This concept, which refers to a series of objects that seem useful but are actually unusable, was the subject of Pauline Blanc's research during her stay at Villa Kujoyama.


Written/performed:Pauline Blanc
Music: Diane Blondeau
assistant:Valerie Kastan
Production:MI MAI, No Small Mess
Co-production:La Station

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Pauline Blanc

Choreographer, performer, dancer and sculptor.In his activities as an artist, he uses self-deprecating material to explore the body, on the fine line between absurdity and skillful manipulation of context and various media.Pauline Blanc studied dance at the Nice Regional Conservatory, plastic arts at the Villa Arson and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and choreography at the master program ex.erce at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier. I enjoy coming up with proposals and developing cross-disciplinary experiments for each project.His creative activities include the Festival Parallel (contemporary art center [3bisf]), Far° Festival (Switzerland), Center Pompidou, Musée d'art contemporain in Val de Marne (MAC/VAL), and the contemporary art exhibition [Salon de Monts]. Rouge”, Nice Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC), the artist-independently run space “La Station”, and the National Center for Dance (CND), among others.In addition, performers and set designers include Fanny de Chaillet and Philippe Lamet, Alain Buffard (recreation of the dance work "Mauvais Genre"), Pol Pi, Jules Frierle, Nina Santes, and Adaline Annoville. , has collaborated with artists such as Jonas Chéreau and Antoine Segarra.