Naoko Shimizu Exhibition “Rokubun no Ichino…”


Gallery 16

9/30 12: 00-21: 00

9/19-9/29 12:00-18:00 *Closed on Mondays

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I am continuing to create works with the theme of Seimei noki.
The Seimei tree is an imaginary tree that was worshiped in the ancient world as a source of vitality and as a symbol of fertility and rebirth.
In this work, I wanted to express the form of water, which is considered the source of all things, including life.
The design depicts the cycle of rain falling from the sky, forming a flow on the ground, eventually turning into a lake, and then returning to the atmosphere.

Naoko Shimizu

1962 Born in Shiga Prefecture
Solo exhibition
Since 1985 at Shinanobashi Gallery (Osaka), he has exhibited at Muramatsu Gallery (Tokyo), Gallery 16 (Kyoto), Kaede Gallery (Osaka), etc., and continues to this day.

Exhibition [invitation]
A new breeze from Hira (Hira Museum of Art, Shiga) 2001 '07 '08
Kashiwara Biennale (Kashiwara City, Osaka) '12
Homage exhibition to Saburo Muraoka (Gallery 16) '14
Okukawachi Contemporary Artist Exhibition (Kawachinagano City, Osaka) '14
gallerIsm in Temmabashi Art Cruising (Osaka) '15
Searching for original scenery along the waterfront of Higashiomi (Yokaichi Cultural Arts Center Shiga) '15
Kyoto Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition (Kyoto Botanical Garden) '20