Nuit Blanche KYOTO @ Villa Kujoyama

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9/30 14: 00-21: 00
10/5 14:00-21:00

You can enjoy the works of Villa Kujoyama artists at the 13th Nuit Blanche KYOTO!The program will be presented at multiple venues, including Villa Kujoyama (September 9th and October 30th), Aesop Kawaramachi Gallery (October 10th to 5th), and Demachiza.At Villa Kujoyama, on September 10th and October 7th, Karin Arabian & Frank Blais (design), Pauline Blanc (dance), Tony Jouano (crafts), Sorgy Lee (plastic arts), and Sebastian The seven artists-in-residence, Pluot (art curator) and Julie Vachet (digital art), resonate with this year's Nuit Blanche theme "Puissances" and conduct research in their studios and various spaces within the museum. Introducing the project.Villa Kujoyama is a cultural institution of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.It operates as a branch of the Institut Français and is supported by its main sponsors, the Betancourt Schueller Foundation and the Paris headquarters of the Institut Français.

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Karin Arabian and Franck Blais, Tony Jouano, Sébastien Pluot, Sorgie Lee, Pauline Blanc, Julie Vaché,

JN. Mellor ClubUnder the unit name Karin Arabian and Frank Blais, the creator duo Karin Arabian and Frank Blais combine various craftsmanship techniques and incorporate figurative artistic standards to create objects on the boundaries of design, at the intersection of mode and art. I am creating. The duo is characterized by a simple, elegant and understated style that appeals to sensation and touch through singular details that reveal the sensuality of materials.

Tony Juanois a designer, craftsman and researcher.From dyeing with microalgae, to motifs being eaten by insects to printing fabrics with bacteria, the inspiration behind this research is the laudable principle of symbiosis, which connects living things with flexible objects. The goal is to create innovative collaborations with materials.

Sebastian Prouotis an art historian, researcher, and curator who specializes in topics related to "translation" in art.At Villa Kujoyama, we conduct research that focuses on the aesthetic sense of coincidence and coincidence in Japanese traditional culture.We plan to examine the delicate ability of artists, craftsmen, farmers, and others to respond to unexpected events and chance encounters in various practices that contribute to coexistence with living things.The aim of this approach is to find alternatives to systems of controlling norms and standardization in life to confront the crisis of sensibility that resonates with the ecological and climate crisis.

Sorgie Leehas always been drawn to the absurd, the radical and the risky, resulting in a form of humor that is essentially resistance.Sorgy Lee questions the mechanisms that exist in craftsmanship, and attempts to uncover the correspondence between primitive movements that underlie various cultures by examining their collective dimension.

Pauline Blancis a choreographer, performer, dancer and sculptor.In her work as an artist, she explores the body using self-deprecating material that treads a fine line between absurdity and skillfully manipulates context and various media.Pauline Blanc studied dance at the Nice Regional Conservatory, plastic arts at the Villa Arson and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and choreography at the master program ex.erce at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier. I enjoy coming up with proposals and developing cross-disciplinary experiments for each project.

julie vachepresents the process of change in the relationships between humans, the relationships between humans and non-humans, and the relationships between living things and their environment in an era where the physical and the virtual coexist.Her areas of experimentation span ecological imagination, health fantasies, and even the world of work.Her work takes the form of film, multimedia sound installations, web production, and radio production.Through her poetic texts grounded in reality, she creates her work that combines naturalism and synthesis, documentary and hypothetical.