Nuit Blanche KYOTO @ Aesop


10/7-10/29 平日12:00-20:00 土日祝11:00-20:00

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You can enjoy the works of Villa Kujoyama artists at the 13th Nuit Blanche KYOTO!

A two-part program will be proposed at Villa Kujoyama on September 9th and October 30th, and at Aesop Kawaramachi Gallery from October 10th to 5th.

At the Aesop Kawaramachi store gallery (October 10th to 7th), you can see the works of visual artist Seulgi Lee and craftsman Tony Juanno.Residents of Villa Kujoyama resonate with Nuit Blanche's theme of ``The Power of Puissances'' and explore the use of a variety of natural materials by revealing both the transformative power of nature and traditional and innovative craft techniques. Exploring plasticity and aesthetic properties.

Villa Kujoyama is a cultural institution of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.It operates as a branch of the Institut Français and is supported by its main sponsors, the Betancourt Schueller Foundation and the Paris headquarters of the Institut Français.

Tony Juano (Crafts) Seulgi Lee (Fine Arts)

Tony Juanois a designer, craftsman and researcher.From dyeing with microalgae, to motifs being eaten by insects to printing fabrics with bacteria, the inspiration behind this research is the laudable principle of symbiosis, which connects living things with flexible objects. The goal is to create innovative collaborations with materials.
Seulgi Lee has always been drawn to the absurd, the radical and the risky, resulting in a form of humor that is essentially resistance.Seulgi Lee questions the mechanisms that exist in craftsmanship, and attempts to discover the correspondence between primitive movements that underlie various cultures by examining their collective dimension.