"Water Calling" Isabelle Daeron's drawing exhibition

9/30 16: 00-22: 00


10/20 18:30 Talk

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Only in recent years has the relationship between the depth of the bedrock that forms Kyoto's foundation and the amount of groundwater been clarified.However, since the Heian period, people living in Kyoto have known of the existence of abundant water flowing underground. "Water Calling - Sounds Hearing from Underground in Kyoto" is a concept book that expresses the water flowing underground in Kyoto, based on the drawings of Isabelle Daeron, who conducts water research and design. In 2022, Daeron will stay in Kyoto and investigate the structure of Kyoto's underground water, the landscape of the land, and the lives of people who have coexisted with water, which curator Yoshiko Nagai had researched in advance.Drawing on her experience in water-related projects in various places, she studied how the topography that collects groundwater in Kyoto was formed, what technologies and tools people used to live, and how we live with water today. Created 20 drawings representing the world.The result is a book that connects common stories about water.Prints of key scenes will be displayed at the exhibition, and the lecture will explain the book's production process in detail and consider living in the unique natural environment of the area.``Water Calling'' and related book fairs will be held simultaneously at Hoka Books, a bookstore in Horikawa Gojo, from October 10th to November 18th during the exhibition period.

▶10/20 18:30
Talk by artist and curator Yoshiko Nagai
“How can I write a book about the changing relationship between water and humans in the land of Kyoto?”

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Isabel Daeron, Yoshiko Nagai