Akari Yamashita Solo Exhibition ULTRA PLINIAN



9/30 12: 00-21: 00

9/23-10/1 12:00-18:00 ※9/30は除く ※月休

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KUNST ARZT will be holding Akari Yamashita's solo exhibition for the third time since last year.
Akari Yamashita is an artist who explores the essence of humans through expressions of the human body that look as if the skin has been peeled off with the eyes exposed.
Using dyeing techniques and spending countless hours carefully creating the "blood and flesh" fabric, we cover the entire wall and floor, creating an installation that looks as if it is integrated with the building, and creating an installation that recreates the scale of the human body. He has created three-dimensional images that exceed the expectations of the human race, and sometimes has shown an overwhelming presence with just the eyeballs.
This exhibition is titled ``ULTRA PLINIAN,'' which means ``the largest explosion.''looking forward to.

Akari Yamashita


Born in Osaka in 1997
2021 Completed master's course at Kyoto Seika University

Solo exhibition
2020 PANOPTICON (gallery maroine/Kyoto)
2021 beyond the skin (Rakukan Gion Konishi/Kyoto)

Group exhibition
2016 Textile performance (Kyoto Seika University/Kyoto)
2017 Textile Corner Exhibition (gallery kara-s/Kyoto)
2017 Itokara Exhibition (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2018 Creative drawing - To become a writer -
(gallery fleur/Kyoto)
2018 fermata (Art Gallery Kitano/Kyoto)
2018 Meisou (Horikawa Oike Gallery/Kyoto)
2018 Kyoto Seika University Exhibition 2018 Open Lab
(Kyoto Seika University/Kyoto)
2018 Seven fighting women (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2018 SEIKA-Jack (Gallery Flor/Kyoto)
2019 you can be the outcast
(Art Gallery Kitano/Kyoto)
2019 Kyoto Seika University Graduation Work Exhibition 2019
(Kyoto Seika University/Kyoto)
2019 Kyoto Seika University Selection Exhibition (Gallery Flor/Kyoto)
2019 Textile X7 (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2019 22nd Dye/Seiryu Exhibition (Dome/Seiryukan/Kyoto)
2019 Prayer -9stories- (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2020 Creative Drawing Festival + Installation
(Kyoto Seika University/Kyoto)
2020 TEXTILE2020 (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2021 Creative Drawing Exhibition (Gallery Flor/Kyoto)
2021 PICKS (Satellite Space Demachi/Kyoto)
2021 Kyoto Seika University Graduation Production Exhibition 2021
(Kyoto Seika University/Kyoto)
2021 New Lifestyle -Mask & Eco Bag-
(gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2021 SUIKEI ART FAIR OSAKA (Zentis Osaka/Osaka
2021 A-Lab Artist Gate 2021
(Amalove Art Lab A-Lab/Hyogo)
2021 Filled in the body (ART SPACE NUI/Kyoto)
2021 23rd Dye/Seiryu Exhibition (Dome/Seiryukan/Kyoto)
2021 VIGOR (gallery maronie/Kyoto)
2022 Creative Drawing Exhibition (Satellite Space Demachi/Kyoto)
2022 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow2022-Kyoto Prefecture New Artist Selection Exhibition-
(Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
2022 XNUMXnd Kyoto Dyeing-Women artists who connect generations-
(Gallery Hill Gate/Kyoto)
2022 Art Show! Ⅲ (Shibatamachi Gallery/Osaka)
2022 Setouchi International Art Festival 2022 (Takamijima/Kagawa)
2022 Emerging Artists Exhibition (Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
2023 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow2023-Kyoto Prefecture New Artist Selection Exhibition-
(Kyoto Cultural Museum/Kyoto)
2023 New Dye Artist Exhibition “Willows are Green, Flowers are Red” (Some Seiryukan/Kyoto)

2017 55th Hyogo Prefecture Exhibition Category Grand Prize (Governor Award) Crafts Category
2018 14th World Painting Award Selected
2021 2nd Tamba Art Competition Grand Prize